Future prediction – every home will have a ‘chill out zone’

every home to have a chill out zone

I predict that in the foreseeable future every home to have a chill out zone – a space or a room dedicated to calm and tranquility where we can meditate, enjoy solitude or simply relax and unwind as we are increasingly bombarded with technology.

We spend more and more time looking at either a computer or mobile phone screen which has us responding instantly because we live in an instant world – there is no getting back to someone tomorrow when you know they are waiting for your response to light up their device. Couple this with all the many things we all need to do in any 24 hour period and no wonder we feel exhausted and suffer from information overwhelm – there is very little time, if any at all, for some self-indulgence at the end of the day to put the balance back into life. Most of us are time poor and feeling burnt out is often the result.

A great chill out zone is a nurturing space. To create one in your home fill the space with comfortable sofas, oversized chairs, cushions, throws and some of your favourite things like artwork and books. Include mood lighting and a great sound system for listening to relaxing music or guided meditations and of course, there is nothing to beat the magic of candlelight.

Make a point of surrendering yourself in this supportive environment whenever you feel the need, shutting out the world temporarily – long enough to restore balance and a sense of well-being.